WASH in local institutions

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As per the spirit of the National Sanitation and Hygiene Master Plan of 2011, all schools must have separate latrines for men/boys and women/girls as well as handwashing facilities and must provide access to all including differently-abled children, youths and adults. However, inadequate sanitation and latrine facilities in schools are still causing some female students to drop out of or be absent from school for a prolonged period. Community schools in rural areas, in particular, lack resources, knowledge, and capacity to build, operate and maintain water, sanitation and hygiene facilities. NEWAH supports establishment, repair or upgrade of WASH infrastructures at community schools and promotes sustained hygiene and sanitation behavioral practices among students, teachers, and parents through education and awareness. By the end of each school WASH project, students will have access to safe drinking water supply, adequate and inclusive sanitation facilities and acquire good hygiene behavioral practices, and the school management will have the knowledge and capacity to maintain the WASH facilities at the school.